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Catherine DeSade knows that the key to making a man hot is submission. If she can satisfy him then she will be satisfied herself in return.
02:34 - Catherine DeSade Readily Submits
The scene opens with Mei Mara inverted and covered in clothes pins. The frame she is on keeps her legs spread and her back arched perfectly.
02:34 - Mei Aims to Please
412 learned a very valuable lesson when she came to visit us. Anything that is not outside of the limits is inside of them.
02:34 - 412 Faces Her Limits
Trina Michaels looks comfortable at first, as she is driving out to the farm with PD, but as he gets to talking she begins to get nervous.
02:34 - PD Makes Trina Nervous
Lorna is a vocal little thing when it comes to playtime with PD. There is a constant string of moans and sharp cries as he works her over.
02:34 - Little Lorna Gets Loud
It took Piper 5 minutes to break down and start bawling and that was just from the idea of what we would do to her. Now it is happening.
02:34 - Piper Faces Her Fears
Sister Dee likes arts and crafts
02:34 - Sophie Suffers Homemade Torment
Lavender Rayne is a slut. It sets her apart from the rest of the world. Everyone needs to feel like they have a purpose, Lavender knows hers
02:34 - Lavender is a Slut
When 412 got a new job she decided to hang out with Claire Adams and celebrate. She seems surprised when the celebration turns carnal.
02:34 - 412 And Claire Celebrate
Live feeds are an ordeal that pushes the subject to their limit. Sybil Hawthorne has come to us so that her mind and her body can be broken.
02:34 - Sybil Tormented in Real-Time
Marina is the bitch in the barrel. It leaves her head open for any kind of torment. PD gets creative and makes a gag fit for the circus.
02:34 - Marina Shaved and Humiliated
Every bitch needs to get some exercise. For PD, that means getting tied to the back of his truck and trotted out into the dirt and mud. Catherine is ready for her daily walk and crawl through the dust. It is a great work out that gets her limber and ready for the rest of the day. It is a good thing this bitch stretched and walked. PD has her in an intensely uncomfortable hog tie. It leaves her with two options. Either she can suck his cock for all she is worth or take his cane across her feet, tits and ass. The choice is simple but that does not make the task easy. His dick is more than a mouthful for catherine and every time it slips from her lips she faces the cane again. catherine is not very good at that game so PD switches to another. her mouth wasn\\\'t good enough for his dick so this time he is going to fuck her pussy. she is standing on a block hanged from the ceiling and she is trying desperately not to fall while he plays with her cunt. One misstep and the only thing holding her up will be the rope from her neck the ceiling.
02:34 - Catherine De Sade Bound
Sara Jane Ceylon. She is hot, she is blonde, and she is all ours. We can do whatever we want to her. Our members have more than a few ideas.
02:34 - Sara Jane Loves Bondage
Hazel came to PD and said that she wanted order and purpose in life. He barks out directions like she is dog and she knows not to defy him.
02:34 - Hazel Is His Bitch
314 was hoping to get fucked. She figured PD would just make her suffer a little and then she what she wanted. She should have known better.
02:34 - 314 Is Easy Pussy
It is pretty easy to tell that this has been a long day for Dana Vixen. Even begging is bringing her to the verge of tears suddenly.
02:34 - Dana Vixen Finally Breaks
Tell me you want me to hurt you, PD said, and Lavender obediently complied
02:34 - Lavander Loves Suffering Obediently
Jade Indica volunteered for some electrical play with Claire Adams. All she thought it would involve was a few stim pads or a violet wand.
02:34 - Jade Volunteers For Electricity
Calico got pinched for being a street walker
02:34 - Calico Get Cavity Searched
Sister Dee knows that she can take a bondage and pain slut like Claire Adams to the edge and back and all she will do is beg for more
02:34 - Claire Adams Extreme Slut
Tia does not want PD to be unhappy
02:34 - Soaking Wet Tia Suffering
Calico has a hot box that is a perfect, tight fit. She cannot see Damon Pierce, but she knows he is there. She can sense his eyes on her.
02:34 - Calico Takes the Box
Addie Juniper has an athletic body that has seen more than its fair share of pain but no game has ever required so much of her as Sister Dee
02:34 - Addie Experiences Rough Play
Rain Degrey is trying to deal with the pain. She keeps clenching her fists looking for something to hold. She grunts and howls like a beast.
02:34 - Rain Provides Sound Effects
Cherry Torn is an appropriate name. When she gets here for her live feed with RealTimeBondage our members and crew are going to tear her up.
02:34 - Cherry (Will Be) Torn
Calico has had the opportunity to observe our live feeds before, so when it finally came to her turn the stakes have to be higher than ever.
02:34 - Calico Tormented Live Outdoors
Sister Dee has been waiting for a chance to experiment with Dana Vixen. Dana has a body that screams out for her kind of painful attention.
02:34 - SD Explores Dana Vixen
Cyd Black does things to Trina Michaels that test the limits of her endurance. Her legs, pussy, ass and tits are all fair game.
02:34 - Trina Michaels Faces Cyd
Ashley Graham makes a mess every time she cums. It is not just that she squirts. She cums like a fountain. Soon her scent will be everywhere
02:34 - Ashley Graham Squirts Everywhere
Charlotte Vale loves it when her scenes are both sensual and sadistic. Pain refines her senses until every caress feels like a new high.
02:34 - SD Makes Charlotte Hot
Moxxie makes a pretty hot little whore
02:34 - Moxxie Gets Nailed Down
Something twisted is about to happen to Sarah Blake. Damon Pierce feels like nailing her and, of course, he decides to do it literally.
02:34 - Sarah Blake Getting Nailed
Mei Mara has seen our whole crew before but she has never dealt with our membership. She freely admits that they scare the crap out of her.
02:34 - Mei Fears Our Members
The live feeds can be long and grueling. That is just the way Mei likes them. There are so many masters and they all want to see her suffer.
02:34 - Mei Mara Takes More
PD loves Rain Degrey because she is terrified of everything. Even the merest threat of punishment has her sobbing and begging for mercy.
02:34 - Rain DeGrey is Terrified
When Damon plays with Tia she says exactly what he wants to hear
02:34 - Tia Ling Totally Submitting
mina loves a scene that is handled right and Sister Dee is an expert
02:34 - Mina Meow Bound Fresh
When was asked Bronte what she loved most about her time with us she began raving about how much she loved cumming and crying for everyone.
02:34 - RealTimeBondage Fulfills Bronte\'s Fantasies
Sister Dee has a special room that she likes to use for entertaining her guests. It is bare except for a mattress and her toys. The walls turn all of the sound inward so all Devi can hear is her own screams. There are no decorations except the ones that could easily be used against her. All of it is there for more than just show. They provide Sister Dee with easy access to all of her options.
02:34 - Devi in the Dungeon
Petite, shy, pain slut mei is cock trained by PD
02:34 - Cock Trained Shy Mei
PD takes his property seriously and trespassers are normally shot on sight but for sexy Lavender Rayne he is willing to make an exception.
02:34 - Lavender Rayne Caught Trespassing
That little strap of leather Elise Graves has around her throat may look innocuous enough but it is so tight that her face is turning blue.
02:34 - Elise Gasping for Relief
Tia can only hope her suffering is about to end but it is so hard to tell. There are no clocks or windows to provide her that reassurance.
02:34 - Tia Praying for Mercy
PD is training more expert sluts and Charlotte is next. She has the basics down, like cumming on command or sucking cock like a pro. The advanced classes are significantly more difficult. A simple dance is so much more interesting when there are electrified leads running into her body. A few thousand volts of electricity can make it harder to concentrate on even the most easiest tasks.
02:34 - Charlotte in Slut Training
Bondage does not need to be tight to be painful. Cherry is about to learn this first hand. Room to squirm is the cruelest gift she can get.
02:34 - Cherry Makes Pained Movements
The days PD just wants a set of holes are the easiest days in a slaves life. Just follow instructions and they can avoid the punishments.
02:34 - Hot Hailey and Nicki
If Mei Mara had any common sense she would have stayed in her fucking hole. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.
02:34 - Mei Learns a Lesson
Mei is probably one of the most intense masochists in the world. With the myriad of torments PD has devised she has come back for more.
02:34 - Mei Mara Wants More
The events of the day have already left their marks on 314. She has welts all over her body from the punishments that she has endured.
02:34 - 314 Gets Marked up
Skylar Price is a beautiful blond who probably has men falling all over themselves for her on a daily basis. Sister Dee is not so easy.
02:34 - Skylar Learns Her Place
314 has no love for this. She has been at the mercy of Sister Dee before and the experience is never a gentle one. Things do not start well.
02:34 - 314, Back For More
Marina is always a fun playmate for Sister Dee. She is willing to go to lengths that most would never dream of if it means satisfying SD.
02:34 - Marina Satisfying Sister Dee
Moxxie loves having things shoved into all of her holes. To her suffering is just one step closer to getting fucked into a stupor. Moxxie is a slut, through and through, and if it means having an orgasm or tasting a dick again she will endure anything. That kind of uncontrollable lust is so easy to manipulate. If PD promises her something hard for her snatch, she will do anything.
02:34 - Moxxie Loves Getting Filled
Most prisons do not allow conjugal visits but for a piece of ass as beautiful as Charlotte Vale PD will make a very personal exception.
02:34 - PD Visits Charlotte Vale
The things that Madeleine Mei has been through today have left her terrified of whatever Sister Dee comes up with next. Her eyes tell it all
02:34 - Madeleine is Looking Nervous
Elise Graves decided that for her trip to the farm with PD she wanted to get the total BDSM experience. That means rigorous bondage.
02:34 - Elise Graves Goes Camping
Master A has beverly hills under his complete control
02:34 - Beverly Hills Cooperative Cunt
Master A has a ton of toys available to him but today he has decided to give Sophie Ryan the most authentic farm experience he can.
02:34 - Sophie Ryan, Farm Slut
PD is going to give Sybil and her tits a treatment that she will never forget. The suction cups he uses so strong they leave blisters behind
02:34 - Sybil Hawthorne Gets Blistered
Samantha Grace has a set of lungs on her. Rumor has it that she can scream with the best of them and Sister Dee wants to test that theory.
02:34 - Samantha Testing Her Pipes
Trina Michaels is coming to RealTimeBondage to be the next masochist we make beg for mercy. The crew always loves ideas from the members.
02:34 - Trina WILL Fulfill Fantasies
Every girl that sees what we do at RealTimeBondage volunteers to go next. Something about having their experience streamed turns Dana on.
02:34 - Up Next, Dana Vixen
Lady Kat loves her time with Sister Dee. She never cums as hard as when she is with her. There is just a special energy between these two.
02:34 - Lady Kat Feeling Hot
Sister Dee got a package in the mail and inside is one brand new Femcar. The box may have said to handle with care but Sister Dee will not.
02:34 - Femcar Getting Severely Dominated
Sybil has been teaching sedition to her students and that will not do. Now PD and the class are going to give her a lesson of their own. She was never a very nice instructor, but after the kind of humiliation and degradation they put her through her attitude will be completely different.  Next time she even thinks about giving them shit, she will remember what they did to her and think again.
02:34 - Teacher Sybil gets Disciplined
The knowledge that she is nothing but a play thing is enough to bring Lilyanna to tears
02:34 - Lilyanna Cries for Mercy
Dana Vixen is lying naked on a cold, stone floor and Sister Dee thinks that her position is sad. It would be a nice gesture to warm her up.
02:34 - SD Explores Dana Vixen
sister dee cock sucking skills have gone downhill and PD is going to get them back up to par no matter what
02:34 - Sister Dee Cock Sucker
On Ash Wednesday Ashley Graham was suffering for Master A and called out for Divine Intervention. What he gave her was not what she wanted.
02:34 - Ashley Calls For God
Cherry Torn is going to face the BDSM double team that every slut dreams of
02:34 - Cherry Torn Getting Broken
Interrogation is an art form. Getting straight answers from someone like Nicki Blue when she is under duress seems simple, but it takes work
02:34 - Nicki Blue Gets Interrogated
Hailey Young is the kind of girl who panics when she realizes she has no control over her situation. The kind that goes to pieces so quickly
02:34 - Hailey Starts to Panic
Very few of the girls we bring to are as intense as Mei Mara. She is a masochist looking to experience it all first hand
02:34 - Mei Mara Goes Live
Lil Nikki Nymph thought she was up to the task of doing a live show for us, so we figured we would put her to the test.
02:34 - Nikki Nymph Was Unprepared
Dia Zerva is one piece of ass PD never tires of fucking with
02:34 - Dia Stocked and Fucked
It is a chilly morning in the mountains and Sister Dee has been outside on display all night. She will do anything to get in out of the cold.
02:34 - SD Eager to Please
Nicki Blue has nothing left to give PD except her tears and her service. He has stripped away her clothes and next will come her dignity.
02:34 - Nicki Loses Her Dignity
There is a value in being a submissive slut. Marina can feel it deep inside. As long as she is being used then she must be useful.
02:34 - Marina Loves Being Used
Sister Dee is interested in leaving her mark on Nyssa Nevers. There needs to be a record of everything to remind her of their time together.
02:34 - Nyssa Nevers Gets Marked
Bethany is a young bondage slut and PD is the professorial, and perverse, old man. He knows a million ways to make her beg for mercy.
02:34 - Young Fit Slut Bethany
Lila Katt is freezing from what she has endured but a bit of biting cold is not enough to get her mercy from the members of RealTimeBondage.
02:34 - Lila Takes More Punishment
Bondage is about innovation and this contraption proves it. It leaves Ashley Graham exposed, with her tits and limbs out like an offering.
02:34 - Ashley Gets Framed Again
She can beg for pain or she can beg for humiliation. It is a decision she does not want to make, and in the end she will get both anyway.
02:34 - Charlotte Faces Painful Choices
Mei Mara is into it all and the more brutal the better. She knows that pleasure is meaningless without SD giving her the pain to go with it.
02:34 - Mei Loves Being Brutalized
For some reason Nyssa Nevers cannot make up her mind. She screams every time PD hits her and filling her with cock does not work either.
02:34 - Never Say (Nyssa) Nevers
Cyd Black has his own ideas about what makes for a good time. Charlotte wants to cum but Cyd only cares about what she will do for the honor
02:34 - Charlotte Gets Half-Buried Alive
Sister Dee was about to have the time of her life with Claire Adams, but before SD had even uncoiled her rope Claire had turned the tables.
02:34 - Claire Adams handles SD
Cherry Torn loves 3 things. tight bondage, intense pain, and a sensual woman who can bring it all together into a single erotic adventure.
02:34 - Cherry Craves Sensual Bondage
Each new position PD puts Kendra James into will be more uncomfortable than the last and exposes her holes to new torments.
02:34 - Kendra Bound and Fucked
When the camera starts rolling, Rain DeGrey is already in tears. Cyd Black has her kneeling on the hard wooden floor it is excruciating.
02:34 - Rain DeGrey Gets Broken
Marina knows everything about bondage is worse hanging upside-down so when Sister Dee gets a new inversion table Marina signs right up
02:34 - Upside Down Bitch Marina
Damon Pierce has gone through a lot of trouble to get a product that we call Liquid Fire. Now Cherry Torn is going to tell him how it feels.
02:34 - This Cherry Gets Picked
With tits like Dana has she had to know that the members were going to want to play with them. It is not like she could not see it coming
02:34 - Dana Has Great Tits
Rain Degrey is no stranger to the cruelty that Sister Dee is capable of. SD loves spending her days watching beautiful women struggle.
02:34 - Sister Dee Plays Rough
PD was so infatuated with Nicki Blue and her tight little body last time he saw her that she knew this was going to be a very long day.
02:34 - Nicki Suffers So Sweetly
Marina likes to be thought of and treated like a worthless cunt but PD finds value in everyone
02:34 - Marina Proving Her Worth
Sister Dee has a soft spot for hot women in tight bondage. It makes her want to see if she can make Tricia Oaks scream herself hoarse.
02:34 - Now Tricia Will Scream
Chloe Parker says she fantasizes about being talked down to, humiliated and taken advantage of. She is pathetic enough that it makes it easy
02:34 - Chloe Parker Taken Down
Catherine de Sade is about to be whipped, canned, slapped around and fucked up. The entire RealTimeBondage crew is there to make it happen.
02:34 - Catherine Begs For More
PD has a knack for taking even the most intense pain and humiliation sluts and pushing them just a little bit further than ever before.
02:34 - PD Takes 412 Outside
Crystal Frost has spent such a long time watching online Sister Dee and wishing that someone so strong would dominate her so thoroughly.
02:34 - Crystal Lives Her Dream
PD put it best. It is not just a room full of sadists, but an internet world full of sadists. Rain DeGrey is in the center of that world.
02:34 - Rain DeGrey Completely Dehumanized
Hailey Young is excited to submit. While she complains about the humiliating violations PD inflicts on her, her body tells a different story
02:34 - Hailey Gets Her Surprise
Bethany is going to take a lot of dick. PD has a collection of cocks to make sure she does not have to go a minute without her holes full.
02:34 - Bethany Getting Crammed Full
Crystal Frost just inspires a man to grab some rope. Cyd Black loves to watch her wriggle and writhe while she struggles to escape.
02:34 - Crystal Frost Wrapped Up
Charlotte Vale has this delusion that if she suffers enough it will earn her something from Cyd Black. That is not the way it works.
02:34 - Charlotte Vale Earning Orgasms
Ashley Graham is a smart ass little bitch who has seen more than one live feed and thought she could do it better than anyone else.
02:34 - Ashley Does It Live
Elise Graves wants to be taken advantage of. She wants to feel like she has no control. She wants to be held down, hurt, and then abandoned.
02:34 - Elise Graves is Captivated
Nyssa Nevers and Sister Dee are about to see who the real Top Girl is. The whichever one can tie up the other first. The winner takes all.
02:34 - Nyssa Turns it About
Bronte may be a dumb whore who probably cannot even count, but she can follow directions and take a beating. No one wants her for her mind.
02:34 - Bronte Is Just Holes
Emily Marilyn does not normally enjoy BDSM but there is something about the way Sister Dee dominates her will that makes everything so much hotter.
02:34 - Emily Marilyn Broken In
PD evokes many emotions from women under his control. Sybil is filled with fear and longing at the idea of the things PD will do to her.
02:34 - PD Mind Fucks Sybil
Lady Kat wanted to be surprised by her experience with Sister Dee. She had no clue how dangerous it was to ask SD for something like that.
02:34 - Lady Kat gets Surprised
Lila Katt wanted to do something special today and so we brought in Master A. He knows what she needs to feel tight bondage with a twist.
02:34 - Lila Loves Feeling Special
Sister Dee has been holding on to Dia Zerva for days and has finally seen fit to feed the little slut. Even breakfast is an ordeal, though.
02:34 - Dia Zerva in Captivity
PD has a device for every occasion
02:34 - Every Hole Whore Catherine
When Syd loses a bunch of her money Sister Dee will not let the debt go unpaid
02:34 - Syd Paying Her Debts
Elise Graves continues her grand tour of PDs Play House. She checks out the implements of torment that he has set out and begs for a demo.
02:34 - Elise Tours the Play-room
Ashley and PD are enjoying his version of a nice quiet meal at home. It involves one bound girl, no real food, and some probing questions.
02:34 - Ashley in a Trap
Sybil Hawthorne had never heard that saying about not serving two masters. Now PD and SD are making demands and she cannot satisfy them both
02:34 - Sybil Hawthorne is Torn

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